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How we support student and staff safety regarding anaphylaxis (life threatening allergies):

Thank you very much for your sensitivity and support in helping keep our students and staff with allergies safe.  

As you know, we are a long way from a hospital and we spend a lot of time outdoors, so making sure we do everything we can to minimize risk is essential.  

We are a nut and boiled egg aware school.  For us, aware, rather than free, means that you can send those items to school in your child’s lunch, but we ask you to label anything with nuts or whole eggs.  That way our children and staff are clear that these items must be eaten in a careful way at their desks.  After these items have been consumed, the container must be put away, the desk cleaned and hands washed afterwards. 

We ask that students not share their delicious lunches and snacks as we never know if a child has an undiagnosed allergy to something.