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October Happenings and Falling Into Nature

Redfish staff welcomed UBC’s West Kootenay Teacher Education Program (WKTEP) teacher candidates back to our school on October 5 when we held our annual Fall Into Nature for which WKTEP has been joining us for more than 7 years.

We are pleased to partner once again WKTEP. This co-learning opportunity provides teacher candidates with lived experience where they are able to see first-hand the wonderful Redfish teachers in action as they establish routines to set students up for success at the beginning of the school year. Teacher candidates are able to learn in a supportive learning environment and practicing teachers are able to reflect on their practice and articulate why they do what they do!  When they return to campus, teacher candidates are able to unpack, reflect and apply what they’ve seen.

And, Redfish’s annual Fall Into Nature Day was a resounding success! Not only was it a glorious day weather-wise, the children participated beautifully in their multi-age colour groups.  Below, you will see pictures of the school-wide art activity where students did leaf rubbings decorating autumn poems on giant paper. You will also see pictures of each of the stations where students were actively observing and respecting nature.  During the lunch break, Teacher Candidates from WKTEP joined our older students for an exciting game of soccer!

At Redfish we make regular use of the beautiful environment in which we live and learn together.  This annual event is a fun reminder of how we participate respectfully.