The hot lunch program at Redfish runs three days per week and features the food of Chef Daniel Rose.  All of the components of each meal--from the pastry in the turkey pot pies, the sauce in the chicken stir-fry, right down to the buns on burger day--are made fresh from scratch of the best-available ingredients.  Our menus vary and rotate over a several-week period, to have an opportunity to offer the students a wide variety of healthful, balanced meals, but also to allow for favourites, like home-baked pizza or hand-breaded chicken tenders, to recur and be looked forward to.  With assistance from the school, no child who needs a meal has to miss out. Our Redfish hot lunch program is part of the commitment the PAC and school have made to the overall well-being of the students, for helping them to have the best chance for learning and contributing to our school community.