After School Programs


Ages: Kindergarten and up

Setting: Redfish Elementary School Gymnasium and Outdoor Playground (school boundaries)

We have Three Cycles:

Autumn: September – December
Winter: January – March
Spring: April - June

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Times:  2:00pm – 4:00pm; pick-up from 3:45pm – 4:00pm

Program Details:

Mondays – Redfish Rockets

This program’s focus is on building the children’s skills in order to be “active for life”.  It is play based with opportunities for gross and fine motor skill development.  The facilitator also discusses and models healthy eating habits.


Wednesdays – Redfish Explorers

This program’s focus is on science and outdoor learning.  The children explore the world around them through indoor and outdoor activities.  This program closely aligns with two of Redfish Elementary School’s goals – Outdoor learning and Place-based learning.  Local experts are often brought in to the program to lead specific learning while the facilitator builds up on these special events throughout the weeks.


Fridays – Redfish Arts

This program’s focus is on the arts – art, theatre, dance, etc.  Through various activities and guests, the children will explore different processes and mediums, perspectives and lenses in order to describe and interpret the world around them.



All staff are trained with HIGH FIVE (Principles of Healthy Child Development) and are required to complete a minimum of six hours professional development on various topics (Challenging Behaviours, Nature & Outdoor Play, Autism, etc.) throughout the year.  At least one staff member present at all times is trained in First Aid.