This upcoming session of lunches will feature many of the usual favourites, plus has a couple special days.  February 14th, 100s Day/Valentine's Day, we will have a school-sponsored (FREE!) pancake lunch. MONDAY, February 25th, we will be trying a new meal, Butter Chicken. For those of you who haven't had the good fortune of trying it, Daniel makes an amazing butter chicken, with all components of his meal (right down to the blend of curry spices) from scratch, as usual.  It's mild and (coconut) creamy, and both gluten- and dairy-free. We're hoping for feedback from students (and staff!) on this special item so we can decide whether it can earn a spot on the regular roster. 


The hot lunch program at Redfish runs three days per week and features the food of Chef Daniel Rose.  All of the components of each meal--from the pastry in the turkey pot pies, the sauce in the chicken stir-fry, right down to the buns on burger day--are made fresh from scratch of the best-available ingredients.  Our menus vary and rotate over a several-week period, to have an opportunity to offer the students a wide variety of healthful, balanced meals, but also to allow for favourites, like home-baked pizza or hand-breaded chicken tenders, to recur and be looked forward to.  Lunches are served by a committed brigade of parent volunteers. With assistance from the school, no child who needs a meal has to miss out. A portion of the cost from each meal is donated back to the Redfish PAC to support fundraising for various initiatives throughout the year. Our Redfish hot lunch program is part of the commitment the PAC and school have made to the overall well-being of the students, for helping them to have the best chance for learning and contributing to our school community.