What to expect at Redfish for the first week in September

Hello Redfish families,

We are so excited about next week!  Here are a few notes about what to expect:

On Tuesday, September 3rd, for children in grades 1-6, we will have a half day of school.  Please note that buses will leave at 11AM, rather than just after 2PM.  (Our kindergarten students will have a gradual entry to the year)
This day, though short, is vital to us as it helps us know who will actually be attending this year.  If you need to miss Tuesday, please let Ms. Conley know so we can include your child in our class configuration planning. 
A reminder, to report absences, there are three ways 1) go on our lovely website and use the “report absence” button https://redfish.sd8.bc.ca/  2) email Ms. Conley at clerical.res@sd8.bc.ca or 3) call our office at 250-229-4224.
Please let your child know that he/she will go to last year’s classroom when the bell rings.  They will do this on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. 
All new-to-our-school children will join the other students in their grade and we will have a staff person here, Ms. Donnelly, to help them get to the right place. 
On Wednesday, our teachers will bring the students to their new classes. As usual, we have a number of combined classes and we work very hard to find the just right fit for each child.  If you have any input you’d like to share on what you think might be a great configuration for your child, please email me your thoughts.  While we value your input and certainly bring your voice into our conversations, we cannot always accommodate parent requests.
Don’t forget to go to the SD8 website to make sure you have filled in the bus registration form, which needs to be done every year, and checked to see if there are any changes in your child’s bus schedule.  https://www.sd8.bc.ca/departments/operations/bus-registration
School supplies – we have them here for you!  We will be sending home a letter about fees later next week.  We are asking all families to send $40 (to a maximum of $100 per family) to cover school supplies this year, rather than bringing their own.  The only things you need to provide is a comfortable school back pack, water bottle and inside shoes (non-marking soles please!)
And some changes for this coming year: we now have a dedicated Makerspace and a dedicated music room.  We are excited to have Mr. Nugent on staff, you remember him from the fantastic drumming he did last year, as our Makerspace and music teacher, as well as one day a week in our 3/4 class.  We will have 5 classes this year, rather than last year’s 4.  And we are still nearly full!  Our staff gathered for two days this week to prepare for the year.  We made a Grandmother Drum- which can be played by 10 people, with Donna and Anne Marie, two powerful Indigenous Elders.  We are so looking forward to having the drum in our school and to welcoming an Elder in Residence programme for the year. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful last few days of summer holiday,

Victoria McAllister