Volunteering at Redfish

A note about ways to connect with our school and district over the year.

Regarding PAC and DPAC

Redfish is beautiful, well-resourced and vibrant because of all of the people on our staff, parents and community members contributing time, money, creativity and care. 

We are all richer when we work together.  In that vein, I encourage you to join our PAC.  Please make a note in your calendar of the meetings for the year (though they may change so please have a look at our website calendar as it will be most up to date).

Redfish PAC meeting schedule: 

  • October 4th, Friday, at 5:30PM
  • November 12th, Tuesday, 12:00PM
  • December 11th, Wednesday, 5:30 PM (Christmas Social)
  • January 14th, Tuesday, 12:00PM
  • February 11, Tuesday, 5:30PM
  • March 10th, Tuesday, 12:00PM
  • April 14th, Tuesday 5:30 PM
  • May 12th, Tuesday, 12:00PM
  • June 2nd, Tuesday, 12:00PM

As members of Redfish PAC, you are also a member of the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).  I have attached the meeting dates for the SD8 DPAC meetings for you.  You will see they have identified themes for each meeting this year and it looks like a very interesting range of topics.

Regarding Redfish Volunteer orientations and criminal record checks.  If you had an orientation last year and we have your criminal record check on file, you are good to go for volunteering this year.  If not, below are several dates for volunteer orientations (they only take about 20 minutes).  If none of these work for you, just let me know and we will find a time that will.  Of course we welcome grandparents too!  Email me for the information on completing the online criminal record check process (there is no charge to you).

Redfish Volunteer Orientations: 

  • September 16th, Monday, 6:30PM
  • September 19th, Thursday,  1:30PM
  • September 23rd, Monday, 1:30PM
  • September 24th, Tuesday, 8:00AM

Thank you for reading and for your support of Redfish School,

Victoria McAllister