Upcoming events in May

A few notes for you:

Today we had some unexpected excitement in the K/1 class when a tap broke and water gushed up… and out… and all over.  We had some quick thinking staff and community members who funneled and moped and taught us all about plumbing matters.  I do love our school: I immediately went to Mrs. McDermott who knows this community so well and asked who I could call for plumbing help, as our district staff were more than ½ an hour away.  Of course she knew one of our grandfathers is a plumber.  He sent two of his wonderful staff, one of whom is a dad of a K. student.  They were here quickly and got the whole thing under control – AND they taught us a trick so we can fix any future geysers.  Mrs. Makeiv’s class handled the excitement well and got to spend lots of time outside today.


For next week:

We have a string concert on Monday at 9:10 AM
Our grade 2s go golfing
Most of our classes have storytelling workshops
And our 4/5s go to the Community Garden

Look farther ahead:

I have heard from several of you who are interested in their child attending the Youth Pow Wow in Creston on May 17th with the grade 4/5s.  For more information, please see the SD8 AB ED web page: https://sd8learns.sd8.bc.ca/abed/ and if you would like your child to go, please email me.

School supplies for next year: our district has a new system for school supplies starting September 2019.  All elementary schools will be charging $40 for each student so that we can buy school supplies and agendas.  We will still ask that you provide a backpack, inside shoes and a pencil case.  We will send details later in June, but wanted you to have a heads up now.

Please see the attachment about a fun opportunity to participate in an Obstacle Course at the Nelson Community Christian School in June.

A reminder to get your swimming lesson forms in by the end of next week. 

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  We are indeed fortunate to have such a strong, passionate and caring teaching team at Redfish School.  They go far above and beyond what their ‘job description’ is to bring rich personalized learning experiences so that all of our learners can be the best they can possibly be.