Redfish Notes for June

Please please bring back your library books!  We are sorting and cataloguing all library books now and ask that you send them in with your child if attending, and drop them off if not.
While you are bringing your library books, you could drop off any donations of children’s clothing for the next BCC Clothing Share.  We need them by June 9th and the share is June 13, 9AM-1PM at the church.
Ms. Hodgson’s Intermediate class is looking for donations for their big, exciting, long term gardening project.  Right now, we are looking for:

sunflower seeds to plant
Gardening shovels, rakes, forks
Hand tools
Watering cans

Our PAC is looking at a Redfish Super Cool Clothing shop one day later in June.  If you didn’t get a hat, hoodie, tee-shirt, stay tuned as you just might have the opportunity to buy one in a couple of weeks.
An update for next year – at this time we are close to full for our 5 classes.  This is another jump in student registrations, and we are really excited about that!  It makes for solid staffing and lots of advance programming opportunities.   If we get many more students, we might have to open up a 6th class- something that hasn’t happened at Redfish in many years.
Thank you – all of you – for being so flexible, communicative, supportive as we change and change again.  I can’t tell you how grateful we all feel to be in this community during this time. Together we are making this work. 


If your child is attending in June:

Please do a thorough check for any signs of illness before sending each day.  We check again when they arrive, but you are the expert in your child so you will know if something is out of sorts. 
 A quick reminder to send a towel or picnic blanket for eating lunch on and sitting for outside time.
Consistent bus rider lists are important for our Operations department. Please stick to the schedule you indicated when registering and in your communication with me. If there are unavoidable changes, we need to run that by our bus supervisor to ensure there is space, before 9AM each day.

Take care,