Planning Day and upcoming events

Hello Redfish Families,

Hoping you had a wonderful long weekend.

We were happy to have our PAC Chair Raeanne with us for Planning Day today.  We are really excited about our vision for next year.  A hint for you- we will break the year into three parts.  The first third will be all about us as individuals: who we are, where we come from and how to be our best selves.  The next third of the year will focus on community: our family, our school, our environment.  The final third will focus on the world using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for seeing ourselves in the wider context.   This part of the year will include an opportunity for service, but we will work with our learners to settle on a project.  More to come of course…

School Supplies: please note that Redfish will be buying all school supplies for this coming year.  We will be asking for $40 per child in September and this will cover agendas and all supplies.  We will still ask you to purchase a school back pack, a water bottle and inside shoes. 

Notes for upcoming events:

Stories from Here Showcase of the grade 4/5s work is this Thursday, at Redfish at 4:30.  Please let me know if you would like to join us.

Swimming Lessons start Friday.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who have stepped forward to make this safe and fun for all!

The Track and Field day for the grade 4/5s has been moved to Thursday, June 14th.  Thank you PAC for organizing the concession for this day!

Please see the attachment for an afterschool programme on Thursdays called Redfish Run, Jump, Throw.  It is a wonderful opportunity to practice track and field skills and get ready for the big day June 14th.  This volunteer run programme is open to all children in grades K-5.

Victoria McAllister