Looking for Volunteers

I know we ask a lot of you.  And our PAC is extraordinary in what they do to create opportunities for all of our students.  Just a few things off the top of my head that our PAC and parent and community volunteers do that impact all Redfish learners (me included):

New Sports’ Jerseys!  With a student created logo – they are gorgeous, reversible and make our kids proud.
Hot Lunch 3 or 4 times a week… every single week!
A huge array of after school programmes!
One to One Reading
Birthday Grandma!
Week after week coming in to help with learning projects
Kokanee tank
Art Cards/ Christmas cards
Help with clubs
Track and Field
Fun Day
Family Fun Night
Emergency plumbing help
Field trip chaperones
Winter Activities – Whitewater
Coaching-  Redfish Raptors!
Community Garden
Accounting Club and Jr. Achievers

I timed my self- that list took less than 3 minutes to come up with!  You are amazing.  And of course there is so so much more that you do.

We only have 4 weeks left and we have a few more exciting things planned that we need your help with.  I hope that you will be able jump in on these things:

June 5th – Sunshine Bay with the grade 5s – looking for grade 5 parents who would like to join us as we play games and celebrate a great year of leadership. 

June 13th is Track and Field Day- we will have 300 grade 4s and 5s here, including their adults.  We need a bunch of help with the concession and running the events.  So far I only have 3 volunteers and we need about 15-18.  Parents run the concession as a fundraiser for field trips such as Fort Steele.  It is a BIG deal – and many hands make light work….  Please email me if you can help with either the concession or with the Track and Field Events – we welcome community members too!

June 24th – 12PM – please tuck the date away as that will be our year end assembly and talent show!

June 26th 8-11:15 is Fun Day!  We will be looking for volunteers to help with all kinds of fun, team building activities that morning.

Don’t forget to check out our website – Ms. Conley updates the calendar regularly and you can see announcements for upcoming things.  https://redfish.sd8.bc.ca/

I do sometimes worry about parent burn out.  We have a core of parents who do an extraordinary amount for all of us and I hope we can spread the work out so that we don’t overburden those busy folks.

Thank you for reading right through,

In gratitude for all that you do for our learning community,

Victoria McAllister