Children at Redfish in June


Dear Redfish Parents,


Please see: from Superintendent Perkins with details about schools opening to students in June.  There is a great deal of information in there and it answers many of the questions you have had about planning and safety protocols.


Below is information about registering to attend in June.  Please know, that no matter what you decide, we will continue to support your child’s learning in the best ways we can.  All of our kids are Redfish kids, no matter where they are and how you, as a family, are moving through this time.


We will take a week off Redfish Rally, but will pick it up again the second week of June.

In case you missed it, or your computer was glitchy like mine, here is the link to the message Redfish staff made for your children about staying well: and HUGE thanks to Mr. Nugent for putting this together. 

If you are choosing to have your child (children) attend Redfish in June, you must register here:  

Once I have received notice that you have registered, I will reach out to you with some questions and to confirm your schedule. 

You may not send your child unless their schedule is pre-arranged.

And as you know, you must not send your child if he or she is showing any symptoms of illness (not related to expected seasonal allergies).

Some notes about this new stage in how schools are running:


  • Families are encouraged to walk or drive their children, though buses are running their normal schedules. 
  • You cannot change your plans as you would normally be able to – when you set your bus plan for the week, we need you to stick with it as buses will have strict protocols to follow.


  • We expect children to arrive between 7:55-8:05AM
  • We will greet you outside and ask you to sign the form you will see when you register confirming that your child is healthy
  • We expect you to pick up your child between 2:00-2:10PM
  • Most children will attend Monday and Wednesday.  If we get close to 50% of normal classes, we will need to shift some students to Tuesday and Thursday.  We will confirm timing for your child after you have registered.
  • Children already attending our ESW site can continue to attend those same days, if parents chose.


What your child will need each day:

  • water bottle, lunch and snack
  • A towel or small picnic blanket for sitting on outside – it will help with distancing for each child to have their own space, and make them more comfortable.
  • Weather appropriate clothes – we will spend LOTS of time outside.
  • Socks.  We won’t be using inside shoes to streamline things, but we will need your child to have socks to wear inside, and ask that you send a couple of pairs.
  • If desired, your child may bring a small toy or special learning supplies that they have been using at home.


What we are doing to help everyone stay safe:

There are too many things to list here, but some broad strokes are…

  • Teaching and constantly reinforcing all hygiene protocols
  • Distancing
  • Limiting students in classes
  • Keeping doors and windows open
  • Playing and learning outside
  • Having dedicated materials, desks and equipment
  • Having fun and staying connected, as we know that builds the immune system!  And though we are all about safety – we really do love learning with your children and we are confident we can balance a safe environment with engaging learning. 

I know – lots to read!

Reach out if you still have questions after our open house May 26th and/or the attachment from Christine.There are so any details and knowing what you are wondering helps us plan.