School Supplies for Redfish 2019-2020 - Due by Sept. 27

New for 2019-2010, we are asking all families to pay a $40 supply fee per student (up to a maximum of $100 per family) as we have purchased all supplies and agendas with that money.  This way we know that every child is fully ready for their learning and everyone has the same supplies.  We were able to purchase good quality supplies from local stores in Nelson.  

What we ask you to provide is:

  • a comfortable day pack for bringing things to and fro (when choosing the right pack for your child, we like the ones with a big opening so children can be independent in getting big library books in there, and with room for bulky winter gear)
  • a water bottle
  • inside shoes (non-marking soles) Please do not send your child in flip flops as they are difficult to run in, both inside and outside.
  • of course, a lunch kit too
  • for younger children, a change of clothes in a hanging cloth bag is important

Something to think about... we are hoping to significantly reduce the amount of single use plastic packaging in snacks and lunches at Redfish this year.  This is an initiative started by some of our Environment Club students that you will be hearing more about this fall.


Current until: Friday, September 27th, 2019

Posted: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019