School Staff


Name Position Email
Ms. Victoria McAllister Principal - Redfish Elementary


Name Position Email
Ms. Maggie Hodgson 4/5/6 Redfish LEAD teacher
Mrs. Shelley Sandquist Gr. 2/3 and Teacher Librarian
Mrs. Cheryl Makeiv Grade 1/2
Mrs. Sarah Goggins Grade 3/4
Mrs. Charlotte Heddon Kindergarten
Mrs. Jen Dehnel Learning Support & Case Manager, Counselling, and teacher prep
Mr. Trevor Nugent-Smith Music, technology and Maker-Space teacher, prep and one day in 3/4

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Ms. Laurel Conley Secretary
Ed D'Lerma Custodian
Ms. Robyn Edgar Education Assistant
Ms. Catherine Donnelly Educational Assistant